Sunday, 16 September 2012


JMJ here.  Great that we S & T blog up and running.


  1. Ok John - so it works
    Any comments on how easy it was to sign up for a Google account and find the Blog?

  2. Mark - will reflect and come back. First thoughts - slight hassle to enrol; blog page needs scrutiny; prob we'll need an easily understood set of guidelines.

  3. Agree - My thoughts were for you and I to iron out any basic issues about using the thing then to open it up to the other guys (not the whole S&T yet) to get their input. I decided it would be best to be sure it all worked and be able to give advice to avoid too much fumbling about in the dark.

  4. Great - got in easily enough using my existing Google account. Decided not to be a "Google+" profile -yet, anyway


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