Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blog Design

I have spent a little time finding out what flexibility the Google Blog allows for design of how a Blog looks and works.  If you have thoughts on what works and what doesn't then add a comment here and we can assemble some sort of common view. I should then be able to make a few changes to the template and we can evolve a working design within the constraints of the Blog application.  We are probably pretty basic at the moment. but things like is a dark or  light background better?  What about page width?, Can you find things ? ... probably lots more.


  1. Thanks, Mark, for being willing to tinker with the design.

    Colour. I find a light background with dark text is easier to read – and less depressing to view! So some design in white, grey, cyan for the background. This leaves black, dark blue, even dark grey or red for text.

    Navigation. I’m a great believer in having a front screen showing a table of posts giving:
    the date of the post, the (mandatory) subject or title of the post, author, the number of comments, and date of last comment.
    I would expect to click on an item in the table, then read the post together with its comments.

    Once we get more than about 20 posts on our blog I think it will be unwieldy to show the full text of every post on the front screen (and irritating if last month’s posts are already archived), and the table of posts overcomes this problem. Date of last comment is valuable on front screen so you can tell what’s new since you last logged in.

  2. Dark text, light background by popular demand


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