Friday, 5 October 2012

Eureka Oct 2012

A couple of ‘scientific’ studies to brighten your day, quoted from The Times Eureka magazine

Page 11: “Few things are more frustrating than teaching an elderly relative to use a computer (‘The mouse has to be in contact with the desk, Grandad...’)   [Cheek!]
“But ... a study in Australia has shown that the more older men use computers, the less likely they are to develop dementia...”

Also page 11: “Swiss scientists are testing a sheep collar that protects the animals from wolves. It monitors Flossie’s heart rate and if it’s too high sprays a wolf repellant and sends a text message to the shepherd.”

[Thus brightening the life of the lonely goatherd, high on a hill ?]

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  1. What on earth is "Wolf Repellent"? I have never seen anything like this for sale - even in the most rugged outdoor shops.


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